A few years ago I was diagnosed as having high functioning autism by two different professionals and it was something that caused me great shame and anger. I no longer have those feelings and realize that I am just me.

i’ve been there too it’s tough

don’t take their shit and keep going

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hoo hah

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i been wondering which girl to pair chrom with if i replay as a boy because on one hand sumia is super into that and it’d be hella cute but on the other hand those two would probably have the most boring sex ever

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we don’t know what causes allism. people with allism are like puzzles that need to be solved. what must it be like to not be autistic? it must be hard on their families.

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just to clear things up, i think the puzzle piece is a good symbol for autism. We don’t know what causes autism and that is the missing piece to the puzzle. My older brother has autism and i love him so much. This tattoo was something special for me and I think the puzzle piece is a great symbol. Sorry if some of you don’t feel the same way. 

You’re not autistic. You don’t get to decide what is and isn’t offensive to us. The puzzle piece has meanings and implications as a symbol for autism, all of which are horrible (including yours). We don’t know what causes a lot of things. Doesn’t mean we those people with bits of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s dehumanising, and based on a NT based perspective.

If you’re getting a tattoo with a symbol for a community, don’t you think maybe you should care about what that community thinks of they symbol?

I cannot understand people who aren’t autistic who say things like this. “Yeah, but I like it sooooo” or “it’s special to me” and “missing piece of the puzzle” etc etc etc.

OP, you are not autistic. The puzzle piece is offensive. The moment I see it, I see someone who is not an ally. It’s a person for whom I need to keep my guard up, because heaven knows what they think about autistic people. You are branding yourself as an unsafe person to be around, because of this symbol that you’ve chosen to put on your body.

Maybe listen to actual autistic people instead of, you know, brushing us off as you have done here?

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anti-sj bloggers: omg, why are sjws offended by everything?

anti-sj bloggers: i am deeply offended by your headcanons, your media criticism, your donate button, your mental illness, your lived experience, your “made-up words,” your life choices, and virtually every aspect of your identity

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age 7: I want to be a teen titan

age 18: I want to be a teen titan

age 20: i’m too old to be a teen titan but i still want to be a teen titan

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